iTur4us "all destination" concept

  • iTur4us is concept for tourist destination that leans on advanced program equipment, applying principles proven in telecommunication industry. It also enables common marketing and communication approaches to entire business subject that operate in one destination. Innovation and uniqueness of this business concept are guarantees for positioning of destinations on global tourism market.
  • iTur4us is ''all destination'' business model, that is based on unification of services from different service provides in certain destination. Packaging of their existing services into attractive and new tourism offers is one of the basic principles. Furthermore, this concept enables fundaments for further upgrade of existing service as a primary strategic goal for creation of competitive advantage on global tourism market.
  • iTur4us concept is made up of iTur software and consulting services that back up iTur implementation into certain destination. It gives new dimension in marketing of different destinations by delivering new marketing & sales opportunities while using Internet as primary tool, backed by integration of business processes of different service providers.
  • iTur4us is a systematic business concept that ensures long-term stability, prosperity and diversity of certain destination. It allows all partners in business to control their activities and decrease operating, as well as, marketing & sales costs. iTur4us business concept increases economic, as well as, social growth of local community by setting standards of service and by positioning destination on the competitive tourism market.