About Us

Company profile

iTurus sum ltd. core competencies are in consulting services related to IT systems and solutions for tourism, travel and hospitality industry. Our main business activity is to ensure high quality end services to tourism companies, associations and destinations that have vision of future sustainable development. Company was founded by team of experts coming from tourism and telecommunication industries. Driven by rapid global development of technologies, new business needs and opportunities have arisen in tourism sector. Investments in technology compared to other investments in tourism sector are minimal. In the future investments and implementation of IT solutions in tourism industry will be one of the key success factors for companies in their strategic positioning and valorisation of long term investments.

Our mission

iTurus sum ltd. wants to improve global tourism offer, by integrating IT solutions and tourism industry. We want to create new categories of IT based products and services. Our expertise and professional knowledge will be core fundament in helping tourism companies grow through implementation of latest IT global trends and solutions.

Our vision

iTurus sum ltd. in the period of 7 years will become leader in combined IT and tourism products and services in Republic of Croatia. Our vision is to lead successful company based upon knowledge and hard work as our core values, in business environment filled with trust and cooperation. By that we will extract satisfaction to our clients, employees, as well as, to society in whole.